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dogerino slow down


stop dogerino your breaking everything


dogerino has places to go uwu


where is dogerino going though 

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I enjoyed this, and have decided that as the time is 11:28 P.M. I will do it tomorrow, but I will make a video on this game. I did not beat it yet. But I will  have it up before dinner tomorrow! (Before 6 P.M., EDST. at )

EDIT: So, I may be a little longer, I seem to be having network issues and I can't upload the video, and I may have to do it next week, as I must go out of town for a funeral until Sunday. The video, however, is ready!


Hello! I liked your game, it had an adorable style and nice gameplay (apologies with the weirdness of the sound, dunno why it din't quite work for me) I made a let's play of your game here-

That's awesome and so sweet of you! I really enjoyed it!
I am currently working on an improved post-jam version of the game, of which if you want I will be sending you a free copy as soon as it is available. Thank you so much!

You're most welcome! I'm super glad you enjoyed the video and good luck with your future projects :D