First update now live. v1.0.1

Changes made:

-Fixed Coin spawn rate algorythm
-Special Mode lasts longer
-Bashing no longer requires bash juice, the bash bar is gone and you can bash indefinitely
-The bash upgrade now allows you to bash faster, more frequently and harder
-Satellites now can withstand 4 hits each, and hurt all enemies
-Tank bullets travel slower
-Buildings no longer drain HP
-Now only Lasers will heal the player when destroyed
-Improved game speed ramp up algorythm
-Added tips in the Title Screen

New updates will be coming shortly, mostly to address the lack of tutorial and an altearnate control scheme for mobile.


Planet Bash-Default- (20 MB)
13 days ago
Planet Bash-Default-1.0.1.apk (29 MB)
13 days ago

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