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Master the fretboard and learn to solo over any scale by having fun and training at the same time. Scale Star is a game for musicians.

By playing Scale Star for a while you'll be taking direct advantage of the "tetris effect", which will result in your absolute mastering of scales without even trying, you'll effectively hack your brain into becoming a Scale Star yourself!


Scale Star is like tetris on the fretboard of a guitar, where the pieces are the shapes of what notes to play and the level is shaped by the scale. You get points for each note played that is on-scale and lose points when you play notes out-of-scale.



Play the correct notes on-scale over a whole string, or make a bridge of notes from the first string to the last and you'll clear those pieces. Whenever you clear lines or rows you get points, which are multiplied by your current note placing streak.

Clearing rows:

Clearing lines:

With the metronome you have to play at least one note each measure unless you want to lose the game. If you miss a measure you get one strike, but you get one back for each line or row you clear.

You can practice on a guitar or bass, from 4 to 8 strings and from 12 to 24 frets, right-handed or left-handed, using any scale with any root note, you can have a visual hint of the scale or practice without hints for added difficulty.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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