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I frequently find myself trying to test if all my controller inputs work as intended after repairing, checking if they have stick drift, or simply messing around with my gamepads, but I couldn't find a software that was compatible with Dualshock 4 controllers, so I made this. I guess people that repair controllers for a living could get some use out of something like this.


  • Press "F1" or "I" for the analogue sticks and triggers exact input measurements, along with a bit more info on your connected gamepads. This is great for detecting and measuring stick drift.
  • Press "G" to switch for a green background to use with chroma key in greenscreen for input overlay on streams, this will also disappear the small icons on the bottom so only the chosen controller is visible.

It will detect Xbox, PS4 and generic XInput and DirectInput controllers without installing any software that wraps your inputs (like DS4Windows) and makes them pass as an Xbox gamepad (this should work for Switch controllers too, but I don't have any to test it on). You can also switch between Xbox and DS4 button layouts by clicking on their respective icons.

This could also double as a button press display for speedrunners along with OBS for streaming purposes, if you wanted to.

I currently do not have money to afford any other controllers, but if donations came through, I could buy some more and get this working for Switch and other console gamepads as well. I could also afford the license for HTML5 exporting and could have controller testing online with HTML5.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Great tool, but this does not work when there is another window active other than controller-tester. It also doesn't work if the tool is off screen. It makes using this for streams useless. I really hope you can fix this issue! 

Yes, it appears it has something to do with the way the input gets caught on certain applications. I've been looking into a few ways I could attempt to fix it and if there is any success an update will be in order.

Great news! Thank you for getting back to me. I look forward to it.